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Chicken with Pine Nuts

Chicken with Pine Nuts

I got the good news last week that my parents managed to book a flight and are coming to Australia for Christmas.  While I’m feeling very excited for their visit, I’m also a bit apprehensive as I start to imagine the tug of war that’s probably going to happen in the kitchen while my Mom, the Blog Monster is around.  We’re moving  homes this coming Monday and there’s a brand new kitchen to play with.  Given my Mom’s penchant for taking over all the cooking while she visits, I’m pretty sure she’ll want to keep me away from the kitchen.

Of course it’s great coming home to a meal cooked by my Mom everyday… but sometimes I just want to scream “Please!  Let me cook this time!”

A typical conversation when I tell my Mom I want to cook dinner.    “Of course!” she said, then adds “Can I help you prepare?”


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