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Berry Tiramisu

Berry Tiramisu

I’ve been distracted and uninspired lately.

Distracted because my husband and I have been house hunting and where normally my weekends have been spent baking or cooking in my kitchen, we’re now spending them in other people’s kitchens during open inspections. Just the thought of moving has been both exciting and stressful at the same time.

The lack of inspiration always hits me when my Mom, the Blog Monster leaves.  As many of you know, she is always a great source of recipes and an even greater source for blog stories!  I usually find myself scrounging around for blog material a month or two after she’s gone.

During these times I find that going to a restaurant we’ve never been to or buying a new cookbook helps.

This weekend my husband and I finally made our way to Newtown, a suburb only 15 minutes away from our place, to a restaurant called Bloodwood.  Run by chefs Claire van Vuuren, Mitchell Grady and Jo Ward who previously worked in fine-dining restaurant Claude’s, this restaurant offers a more down to earth but every bit as delicious plate-sharing menu.  Wonderful food, great vibe, and  excellent service, this place was a definite source of weekend inspiration!  One stand out dish was their Bloodwood Trifle -(made with strawberries, pound cake, rose jelly, mascarpone and champagne anglaise) which served as the inspiration for my wanting to make this Berry Tiramisu.


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