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Movida's Turron

Late last year I found myself alone in Melbourne’s most famous Spanish restaurant, Movida.  I was sitting at the bar with eight (yes, EIGHT) dishes in front of me.   I was in Melbourne for three days doing a baking course and had asked my classmates for dinner recommendations.  The overwhelming response was to try Movida and despite warnings from everyone that it would be almost impossible to get a table, I managed to walk in and get a seat at the bar.  Luck was on my side!  So there I was, all alone with eight different tapas and because everything was riquisimo, I was secretly glad there was no one to share it with me!

The highlight of my meal was Movida’s hot chocolate ganache pudding with vanilla bean ice-cream and nougat.  There isn’t anything new with a warm chocolate pudding with ice cream is there?  I mean, that’s always going to be a winner – but when you add Frank Camora’s nougat or turron – the combination of a warm chocolatey pudding, cold and creamy vanilla ice cream and then THAT nougat… the lady beside me must have suffered from some serious dessert envy because even if she had eaten half her dessert, she pointed to my plate and asked the waiter “give me exactly what she’s having!”.


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