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Mango Weiss Bar

Mango Weiss Bar

Sometimes I think I am in over my head asking chefs for their recipes.  Last week I had a dream that I asked Gordon Ramsay for his Caesar Salad recipe and he screamed at me.  He said there was no way he was going to give it to me and I should just wait for the release of his next book where I could find it!  I swear, I woke up in a sweat and my heart racing.

Howard from Eat Show and Tell and another friend had Dared Me to get  Sepia‘s famous Mango and Vanilla Weiss Bar and so I approached the restaurant for the recipe.  I made contact with Vicki Wild not only who manages the front of house but is also partner to Head Chef, Martin Benn.  I thought, if anyone could charm Chef Benn into parting with such a coveted recipe, it would be her.  And luckily, Vicki Wild is much more charming and accommodating than Gordon Ramsay.


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