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Coconut Custard Jam

Coconut Custard Jam on toast with butter

“Are you trying to kill me?” My husband asked as I put a plate infront of him.

“Ha!  Not yet.” I told him.  “I have get some life insurance on you first!”

The reason for his outburst was because infront of him was this toast, slathered with a caramelized coconut custard and a considerable amount of sliced butter.  I had been finding ways to use up my twenty egg yolks from my last macaron class and had started with making pasta with six egg yolks.  Then I made some portuguese custard tarts (another four there) and used up six to make some ice cream.  All this time my husband was the lucky recipient of all the egg yolk laden dishes.

So down to four egg yolks I decided to make some Coconut Custard (Kaya Jam).  I learned about a recipe from Amy Beh which I had seen floating around the internet and was keen to try.  I must confess that I used the thermomix to make this as I have no patience to continuously stir for more than an hour which is what the recipe requires.  I used the first two egg yolks for the first test batch where I followed Amy’s recipe but thought the resulting custard wasn’t caramelized enough for my liking.  The next batch I caramelized the sugar and poured hot coconut milk into the caramel creating a darker and richer base for the custard.  The result was what I was hoping for – my husband enjoyed it and mentioned that it tasted like latik which is a  highly addictive Filipino fried coconut milk curd.


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