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Pinchos Morunos

Pinchos Morunos

Today at work we chatted about our favourite pastimes as children. I mentioned that , to pass the time during summers, my siblings and cousins would meet at my grandmother’s place every day. We would swim, watch (music) videos, eat, sleep, fight, swim some more, eat some more and definitely fight some more. Almost like a day care for grandchildren.

Today, I am much more civilized. If I have any spare time I like to pour over the pages of cookbooks, food magazines and food blogs. I love stacking cookbooks by my beside pouring over them to get myself to sleep.

My husband was recently away for three weeks so I left all the cookbooks on his side of the bed. In an attempt to tidy up one Saturday morning, I covered the books with the bed cover. A friend came over and did a double take when she entered the room.

“Is that your husband?” She whispered. We both had a good laugh when she realized that I had accumulated enough cookbooks to make her think it was him under the sheets.

Equally as addictive is my love of food blogs. I have recently discovered many great food blogs like this one and there are many that I visit regularly. I find their stories, recipes and photography inspiring and definitely, they take up less space that the cookbooks! A few weeks ago I came across Peter’s swordfish souvlaki and I was reminded of a Spanish tapa called Pinchos Moruños. These moorish inspired Spanish  skewers are usually made from pork but the recipe is easily adaptable to chicken, lamb and yes, I think even swordfish! It’s so easy to make, just marinate a few hours (overnight is preferable) and grill. They are great served with lebanese bread and aioli (Spanish mayonnaise).


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