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I was absolutely crazy to want a December wedding.  I had this perception that it would be more romantic to get married during the Christmas holidays. Two months before my wedding I went to fit my wedding gown.

“Tsk tsk.. You MUST NOT gain any weight until your wedding! You must do WEIGHT MAINTENANCE!” she said as she shook her head.  “The dress is hand beaded, you gain any weight and I’ll have to repair the whole dress, you don’t want that!” she warned.

Oh my… What I didn’t realize was how hard it was to juggle holiday dinners, engagement parties and bridal showers.

So for the next two months, as part of my “weight maintenance”, I had oatmeal for breakfast.  Now you  have to understand that Filipinos take their breakfast very seriously.  More often than not there is a large bowl of steaming rice, fried eggs and a  protein of some sort like “tapa” (dried beef), “daing na bangus” (fish) or, my all time favourite longanisa.  In its original form these are native Filipino sausages  made with pork, a vampire killing amount of  garlic and native vinegar.  I would stare  at my colleagues as they polished off  their heavy breakfasts and swore that once I was hitched I’d eat longanisa like there was no tomorrow.

Sure enough, two months later we walked down that aisle and for the next few weeks I gorged on rice, fried eggs and longanisa sausages.

Sadly,  I never had my longanisa once I moved to Australia.  I didn’t know where to buy them and I couldn’t source sausage casings nor have a sausage maker.


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