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Lumpiang Hubad

Lumpiang Hubad

Who said Filipino food is unhealthy?  If you haven’t already, hop on over to Tangled Noodle‘s site to read her essay on Filipino food.  I couldn’t have written it better myself.  In her post one of the things that Tracey mentions is that many people have a misconception that Filipino food is unhealthy.  Yes, we love our pork (especially our deep fried pork), and our steaming bowls of white rice, but there’s also a number of deliciously healthy alternatives.  One of them, is my dish for this month’s Kulinarya Cooking Club.  Malou, from Skip to Malou and Cherrie from Sweet Cherrie Pie have brought us this month’s challenge.  Lumpia refers to spring rolls and most of the ones I have tried have been filled with either pork and vegetables, or ubod (heart of palm).  Most lumpia is either fried, or served fresh with a crepe like wrapper (check out Tangled Noodle’s post for this).


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