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Braised Oxtail with Asian Flavours

Braised Oxtail with Asian Flavours

How I wish you could meet my Aunt Jenni.  She’s my sister’s mother-in-law and twice a year we head over to Canberra for the long weekend where she generously welcomes our whole family for Christmas and Easter lunch.  She cooks for over 20 or so people and I’ve never once seen her stress about it.  She’s all about simple, delicious and as much as possible, “make ahead” recipes.

Jenni came to Sydney this weekend to celebrate her son’s birthday.  “Jenni, you MUST MUST give me some recipes to blog about!”  I told her.  She did better than that – she gave me two of her well-used recipe journals that contain her tried and tested recipes!

Here’s one of Jenni’s recipes I had over the weekend (Yes!  She cooks even while she is in Sydney).  The recipe of Braised Oxtail with Asian Flavours is from New Zealand food celebrity and cookbook author Annabel Langbein.


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