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XO Sauce

XO Sauce

Hong Kong ranks up there among my favourite cities.    I love it’s vibrance, diversity and the fact that I can indulge in two of my favourite hobbies when I’m there.  Food and shopping.  I love that the malls close at 10 pm and that they take their sales very seriously (nothing perks me up more than a sign saying 70% off!).  It’s not unheard of to spend the whole day shopping at a mall and then at night, despite the aching feet, we continue on to the night markets.  Of course there’s also the food.  On my last trip there with my Mom, sisters and aunt, indulged in dim sum, peking duck and roast goose in between marathon shopping.

I’m sure though that Hong Kong isn’t for everyone.  Some may complain about the pollution or the cramped living spaces.  I know for certain my husband doesn’t get the same thrill when setting foot in a new mall and he makes numerous excuses when I ask him to come shopping with me.


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