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Coconut Milk Leche Flan

In this month’s Kulinarya Cooking Club, we feature Leche Flan.   This popular Philippine dessert has its origins from the flan from Spain.  Melted sugar is poured over a ramekin or pudding container and allowed to caramelize.  Then over this, a custard mixture of milk, eggs, egg yolks and sugar (and a hint of flavouring like lemon, lime or vanilla) is poured.  The leche flan is then steamed on the stove top or baked in a bain marie.  Once done, instructions require the dessert to be cooled (usually a few hours) and then turned over on a plate.

To me, the most nerve wrecking moment is when I flip the leche flan dish over a plate – I hold my breath thinking, will the leche flan have set?  Will it break in half?  Or will it fall out in one piece?  Will it come out smooth and creamy?


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