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Poached Egg and Hollandaise on the Thermomix

Poached Egg and Hollandaise on the Thermomix

A few weeks ago our washing machine broke.  After 5 years the old fella decided to call it a day.  My husband and I went shopping for a new one on a Sunday and were informed that someone would call on Monday to let us know when the delivery could be arranged. Monday came and we were dealt with the news that it would take six weeks to receive a new one.  The prospect of wearing dirty clothes for the next six weeks was frightening and we promptly cancelled the order and ordered the washing machine elsewhere and got it three days later.

It was surprising that a few days ago I got not one, but three different calls from a company trying to arrange a time for me to receive that cancelled washing machine.  Despite my telling them that I had cancelled the order the calls still kept coming.  On the last call, I admit, I thought (for a second) that maybe I should just take the delivery.  I could maybe sell it on ebay or place an ad on our community bulletin board.  But common sense prevailed and told them for the final time the machine wasn’t mine.

Because that would be cheating.

For the longest time I resisted getting a thermomix.  Making things like mayonnaise, custards and  tempering chocolate becomes a breeze with this machine.  I thought a true test of one’s skill was to be able to make this all from scratch.  I wondered, was using the thermomix cheating?

It's not a science project!  It's a slow poached egg!

It's not a science project! It's a slow poached egg!

My philosophy is simple, using the thermomix is just another way to cook.  If I wanted to whip some egg whites I could place it in a bowl and beat like crazy using a wire whisk.  I could use my kitchen aid, or any of the four hand held beaters I have (yes, I have four… don’t ask why)… or I could use the butterfly attachment on the thermomix on speed 3 or 4.  

If I wanted to poach an egg I could drop some eggs in a pot of simmering water or try this recipe here.  More recently, I’ve discovered that the thermomix is one of the best ways to slow poach eggs.  The eggs are cooked in their shells for around 40 minutes at a very low heat, similar to the technique that Momofuku uses, but because the thermomix can regulate temperature, there is no need to watch the pot for the duration of the cooking.

I could stand infront of a stove over a bain marie to make a velvety smooth hollandaise , or I could drizzle some warm butter into a running blender that has some egg yolks to create this sauce – or I could chuck everything into the thermomix and eight minutes later I’m done.

The point is, to each his own.

In 1960 commercial food processors were introduced and it took almost 12 years before food processors were created for domestic use.  I am sure there were also a few raised eyebrows and unbelievers when they were first released but today, it’s hard to find a household without a food processor or stick blender.  I am sure in time, people will also come to embrace how easy it is to use the thermomix.    I’m not going to go into all the great things you can do with this machine, you can read all about it  over the internet, but some resources can be found here, here and here.

But I do think the fact that it can make a perfect poached egg and hollandaise alone is worth it.  Because I never buy bottled hollandaise.

Now, that would be cheating.

Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce on the Thermomix

Serves 2
For the Poached Eggs
You will need four eggs. Fill the thermomix bowl just below the 2 litre mark. Place four eggs (in their shell) into the steam basket and add more water until the 2 litre mark is reached. Cover the thermomix with the lid. Heat at 60c for 43 minutes on speed 3. Remove from the thermomix and gently crack the tops and tip the eggs into a small saucer. Serve immediately.

For the Hollandaise Sauce

  • 4 egg yolks
  • 130 grams cold butter
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Place all ingredient in the thermomix bowl. Using the butterfly attachment, cook the mixture at 90c for 8 minutes on speed 3

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