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It was really only a day or two ago I realized how badly I underestimated how much devastation has been brought about by the floods occurring in Queensland.  Already, three quarters of the state has been declared a disaster zone.

In September 2009 a typhoon hit the Philippines.  My parents, were among those affected.  The entire first floor of our home was submerged in water and our cars were destroyed in the floods.  Having said that, they consider themselves lucky.   Many people lost their lives and their homes.  I remember calling my Mom every hour to check how high the water had reached.  It was awful feeling so helpless as my Mom described how they had to move all the furniture to the second floor of our house.  Tonight, when I asked my Mom to describe what happened to them during that time, she couldn’t finish her account of the events without her voice cracking.  She recounted how the floods had subsided after a night… In Queensland, the floods have been going on for 20 days.

Knowing somewhat first hand how anxious and devastated many of the people affected by the floods are feeling, I urge you all to contribute whatever you can to help.

As I mentioned earlier, I underestimated how badly Queensland has been affected by the floods – but, let’s not underestimate how our contributions, no matter how little, can go a long way.

Donate Now.

Red Cross


Flood Relief Appeal

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