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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Semifreddo

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Semifreddo

“You have to get rid of some stuff!”  My husband tells me every so often.  “Stuff”, referring to the multitude of kitchen appliances I have amassed over the years.  It has come to a point where we’ve had to put in extra shelving in the garage to accommodate my “little helpers”.

I’ve learned to engage my inner zombie every time he brings this up.  I don’t even bother pretending NOT to know what he’s talking about.  I just zone out…

Yes, it’s true, guilty as charged, I am a kitchen appliance hoarder.  Every time I make an attempt to get rid of one of them I always find myself thinking “Oh but in the future, I just might actually use it again…”  Never mind that I have only used my express pizza oven once (I find now that cranking the oven heat right up and a pizza stone works just fine.).  I don’t even want to remember the vacuum sealer that I bought a year ago after buying Thomas Keller’s Sous Vide Cookbook, which sadly, remains unopened. There’s also the smoker, the portable barbecue, the tagine…


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