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Spicy Scallops

The other day I met two of my workmates on their way to lunch.  I asked them where they were off to.

“We’re going to have Thai at the food court,”

“Have you ever tried the Indian there?” I asked.

“Yes but I’ll never go back there.” One of them told me.

“Why not? Is the food that bad?”I asked.

“No… the food’s okay but the lady there – she is so miserly, she doesn’t make you feel welcome.” He replied.

His companion pitched in “Yes, she doesn’t seem to enjoy what she does.  Not like the people in the sandwich place.”

I knew what they were talking about.  I’ve eaten in the Indian eatery once but have heard the same comments from other colleagues.  The lady is stingy on portions and barely smiles, almost snickers when serving.  There are hardly any lunch queues when I walk by.

The sandwich eatery on the other hand, is always packed.  The coffee isn’t particularly good, and the sandwiches are by no means gourmet, they are standard sandwiches which you would expect to get from most places.  But the servings are huge, in fact, even the most voracious of eaters can only finish half a sandwich!  The owner and his wife greet you by name every morning as they start to prepare your coffee even before you ask for a cappuccino with one sugar.   They seem genuinely happy to see you and serve you their food.  It’s no wonder people keep coming back.

I guess, when we cook with love, it shows. (more…)

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