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Chocolate Chip Cookies from Ad Hoc

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Ad Hoc

I’m so excited to let you know that I’m in the process of starting a whole new blog.  Trissalicious has always been and will always be a personal blog but in addition to this, I’ve decided to start another blog called The Cooking Basics.  The blog will focus on the basics of cooking which I think is important for any cook to know – for example, how to make stocks, sauces, types of cooking techniques – think almost everything you wanted to learn in culinary school without taking any exams!  Over the next few weeks I’ll be busy on content and lay-out but I am confident it will happen sooner rather than later.  So check back in a few weeks when I give you the new blog address and the first installment.

But enough about that – let’s move on to these gorgeous cookies…

I like to think, that when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I am an expert.  After all, I was once a director of  “The Practically Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Company” – the other directors included my brother and two other sisters.  The PPCCC started when my Dad, a then subscriber to a U.S. based magazine called Consumer Reports, stumbled upon an article featuring chocolate chip cookies.  At the end of the article was their recipe for what they considered to be one that was practically perfect.  We tried the recipe, loved it, and loved the name of the cookie and decided that other people would love it too.  So with the encouragement of our parents, we started selling chocolate chip cookies – first to friends and family, then we sold to classmates and then decided to start selling to schools and offices around Manila.


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Ad Hoc's Creamed Corn

Do you remember Susan Boyle?  She was the Scottish singer who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.  At the time she auditioned, she was 48 years old, unemployed and she had never been married, and never been kissed.  I remember listening to Simon Cowell interview her.  Simon asks Susan:

“What’s the dream?”

“I’m trying to be a professional singer” she answers

Then the camera flashes to a lady in the audience smirking.  You immediately know what she’s thinking “That frumpy lady on the stage wants to be a professional singer?!  As if!” (more…)

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