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Mum's Cheesy Ketchup Prawns

Mum's Baked Prawns

I knew I was a bit of a condiment anomaly, and more so after reading Thomas Gladwell’s essay, The Ketchup Conundrum.  Give me a plate of fries and I’ll always ask for some garlic mayonnaise over ketchup.  Part of Gladwell’s essay explores why ketchup is so loved by everyone else.  It’s because in one go, it hits all the all the fundamental tastes in the human palate.  Sweet, sour, salty, bitter (I keep forgetting that one!) and of course, umami – where else can you find a condiment that, as Gladwell says, pushes all five of these primal buttons!  So any foodie should love ketchup right?  While I cringe at the thought of pouring ketchup over a finely grilled burger, or a lovely piece of steak – I do love my Mum’s Ketchup Baked Cheese Prawns.  It’s so simple to prepare, take some prawns, and stuff it with a mixture of butter, cheese, mayonnaise and of course ketchup – then bake and you’re done!  With some lovely crust bread or a bowl of steamed white rice, it hits all the flavour buttons I look for.


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