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Devil's Food Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Devil's Food Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

The other day one of my best friends in grade school sent me a message on facebook.  She asked me if I had ever told my husband about the time we were in the 6th grade and we fed a classmate some dog food.   Not only that, we’d also bark every time she’d pass by the school halls to remind her of that episode…Apparently we got in trouble for it but we didn’t mind.  We were happy anyway because we thought it was hilarious.

Me? Feeding dog food to some poor girl?  Rrrrrruuuuffff!?  Seriously, when I read what I had done, I was pretty shocked.  I honestly couldn’t remember.  Maybe I blocked out such horrible behaviour.  After all, I’d always considered myself an ambassador to the oppressed and speaker for the persecuted… but it was quite clear… years ago – I was… a bully.

In an attempt to make myself feel better, I asked friends and family, “what silly things do you remember doing as a child that got you in trouble?”  The responses ranged from mild to extreme, some shocking,  some very amusing but it seemed, everyone had a story to tell!

My husband disclosed that he once painted a mural on the white wall of his bedroom as his way to express his “inner artist”.

A work colleague mentioned the time that, in order to raise money for their school’s charity, they decided to “kidnap for ransom” the school’s principal.  Armed with fake toy guys and masks, they stormed the school auditorium while the clueless principal (yes, the forgot to tell him!) was whisked off to one of the classrooms.  They realized, however, that things were not going as planned when the police cars started showing up….

Seems like I wasn’t the only devil running around as a kid. 🙂


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