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Black and White Warm Chocolate Cake

It runs in my family to be compulsive chocolate hoarders.  This disease is particularly evident around Christmas and Easter time – or more specifically, the days following Christmas and Easter when holiday chocolates start to see a decline in prices.  Our first instinct is to buy as much chocolate as we can.  In fact, one day, many many months after Easter, my sister took me aside and showed me that she had hid boxes and boxes of Lindt’s Lindor Balls under her bed.  Apparently she had purchased them in an after Easter sale and had been slowly savouring them – eating one Lindt ball a day!

Lindor is part of Lindt’s chocolate collection where delicious chocolate enrobes a smooth filling.  Once you bite into the outer shell, the filling starts to melt.

When Sarah from Lindt Australia sent through a lovely box of Lindor Chocolate squares, I knew immediately what I wanted to make of them.  Inspired by the Lindor range, I wanted to make a dessert that had an outer shell and a rich and gooey center, similar to the taste sensation of eating a Lindor chocolate of course!


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