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Mango Cream Pie

Mango Cream Pie

This week I’m tickled pink to tell you – I’m Guest Blogging on Asha’s fab blog – Fork Spoon Knife.  To me, in the blogging cosmos, to be asked to do a guest post is one of the biggest forms of flattery – imagine, being asked to write a post on what these bloggers consider their personal journals – to me, it was like Asha gave me a pen and opened her diary and said “Go ahead, write something, join me as I chronicle my food journeys.”


The icing on the cake (so to speak) was the fact that Asha’s asked me to to a guest post.  You must know her right?  She’s the one with the lovely pictures, magnetic personality (which shows in her writing), awesome recipes with wacky yet amazing flavour combinations (check out her post on the Rhubarb and Sage Shortbread)!

I knew I had to give her a really special recipe which is why I chose my Grandmother’s Mango Cream Pie.  To find out why this recipe’s so special – please hop on to Asha’s site!

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